Torus Knots

Made a torus knot from a line and an attrib vop. I was able to make a few different types after I figured out the basics from wikipedia, and a few other sites around the web (it’s actually quite simple)


River WIP

Houdini Flip River (wip) from Ian Farnsworth on Vimeo. River sim I did a few months back for fun. I don’t remember all the specs exactly (I’ve since removed the cache files). The sim ran overnight, and was about 30 million particles. The renders were pretty quick too (mantra). It’s …

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March 2014 VHUG

I presented some Flip and Point Advection stuff at the March 2014 Vancouver Houdini User Group. The files are here for anybody who was there or anybody interested: VHUG file  (200 something megs. This has the hip file and also the quicktimes and one frame of geo from the rest …

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Just messing around some more. Used instanced lights (wanted to figure it out anyway) to get the illumination near the tips… but thinking I should probably just use a uv/ramp based approach in the shader  instead.