Some Mantra Renders…

Some stuff I’ve been messing with lately. The water stuff may become some album art for a friend… but either way I think it’s pretty neat, and may turn it into a gallery / art project of it’s own if I can find the time and motivation. 🙂

Demo Reel 2011 / SuckerPunch

Ian Farnsworth – Demo Reel 2011 from Ian Farnsworth on Vimeo.

This might as well be called my “SuckerPunch” reel since so much of this reel is work from the work I did on that movie while at Prime Focus (and it’s not even all of it). 🙂 Anyway, this has been sitting on my HD for a while now.. figured I might as well share it. Enjoy!

Special thanks to the talented crews I’ve worked with!

Original Hi-Res mov:

PyroFX Explosion

My first real try at a PyroFX explosion. Nothing fancy, but it turned out decently for how little time I spent on it. Low Res grid is 50x50x100 and UpRes grid is 150x150x300. Sim time was ~1 hr with the UpRes taking most of the time. Render time was ~6 hrs with scattering.

Some DVDs you should check out

Here’s two awesome dvd’s you should check out if you’re into FX (specifically Max)… << Thinking Particles 4.0 for Production by Joe Scarr and Goran Pavles.  A great dvd for n00bs and pros alike. Joe is an excellent teacher and goes through everything in a very easy to understand manner. I strongly suggest this if you are learning Thinking Particles. << Production FX Workflows: Dragon Age: Origins by Brandon Young.  Brandon runs step by step through an awesome fx shot from a cinematic done at Blur Studio.  He goes over a bit of Fume, a bit of Pflow and a bit of Fusion as well.  Brandon rocks. 🙂